29 August 2012

Change of tongues and lots of gear announcements

From now on this blog will be published in English mainly instead of Swedish, as it previously was. The older posts will remain in their original form. I've decided to do this because the topics I cover have a very limited audience in the small Swedish speaking world. Anyway, this has been quite an exciting week and day for people interested in synths and electronic music making. So far the following rumors and announcements has surfaced: Elektron has some new machine up their sleeve according to the French shop Modular Square. Korg have announced that they will make a "major announcement" on Tuesday the 4th of september. The net is buzzing with speculation as to what this is. A real analog synth, finally after the Monotrons and Monotribe? Novation is rumoured to be bringing out a new MiniNova soon. A smaller version of their Nova which looks very much like the MicroKorg if the leaked pictures are to be believed. Native Instruments have announced a new version of their Maschine controller. And maybe least exciting Roland is rumored to be releasing a new rack version of their Jupiter-80 workstation. More exciting is Wolfgang Palms new PPG Wavegenerator IOS app, that's been submitted to apple but not approved yet. I'm keen to know the price on this one. The app synths are getting more and more interesting.

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