30 August 2012

Chris & Cosey

Last year I kind of discovered Chris & Cosey proper for the first time. I mean, I had been aware of them since the late eighties, through tracks like "Exotika" and "Obssession" from various samplers. But that was in their Nettwerk-period and I must admit it didn't do much for me at the time. Fast forward to a couple of years ago, when stuff like Throbbing Gristle were fully on my radar. (Can't say it was when I first heard of C&C.) Anyway, after listening to TG a while it became quite apparent that the tracks I was most fascinated by, had one thing in common: Chris Carters arpeggios and sequences. So when his solo album from the early eighties "The Spaces Between" were re-released I jumped at it, and quickly started looking for more material. And voila: There was early Chris & Cosey.
Read full review of Heartbeat - CHRIS & COSEY on Boomkat.com © It was one of those "why the hell didn't I discover this before"-moments. It felt like I immediately found the key and origin to so much in modern electronica. I remember reading a review of The Knifes third album, claiming they were inspired by Front Line Assembly, and well, compared to that tracks like "Heartbeat" and "Walking Through Heaven" feels like the blueprint for acts like The Knife.
Read full review of Trance - CHRIS & COSEY on Boomkat.com © Anyway enough of me yapping. The three first Chris & Cosey albums is must buys for any discerning aficionado of electronic music. And if you're up for a more contemporary entry in their discography their latest album as Carter Tutti Void released by Mute this spring, is not to be missed. Few artists have managed to feel so relevant to the scene for as long as they have.
Read full review of Songs of Love & Lust - CHRIS & COSEY on Boomkat.com ©

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