11 September 2012

Thought Broadcast

Been listening to Thought Broadcast "Emergency Stairway" all day. Bought it this morning. It's TB's second full length release in a couple of months and the first one on the venerable Editions Mego. Rusty, murky industrial electronics in the style of TG, early Cabs and Maurizio Bianchi, in other words, right up my alley. Modern references inevitably brings up Ekoplekz, but TB seem to be on a darker more brooding journey than Nick Edwards. All beats and noises is heard through a filter of decay and age. It has been said (by Boomkat editorial I think) that if Vinyl on Demand had released this as something that was originally made in 1979, it would have easily fooled most of us. It seems the neo-industrial dubbed out wave is stronger than ever, with Editions Mego at the epicentre of it all with this and Nick Edwards "Plekzationz" last week.
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