27 December 2012

Korg mini MS-20

There's rumours doing the round about Korg being about to release new MS-20 with a micro keyboard at NAMM in a couple of weeks. Though it's about time for something new in their Monotron/-tribe range, this almost seems to good to be true. A full MS-20 in a case the size of the Legacy collection controller of a few years back. Projected cost at about 700 dollars would put it squarely in Minitaur/Minibrute territory competition-wise. Apparently it's a site at an Argentinian music store (Import Music) that's the source of the rumor. When trying to access the page now it seems to be removed. Still, I'm awaiting official word until I allow myself to get really excited about this. There has been a lot of fake rumours considering analogue Korgs before and doesn't it seem a bit odd if they would call it a Mini MS-20. It ought to be called a Micro MS-20, surely?

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