4 January 2013

5 unmissable reissues of 2012

A short list of some reissues that have caught my attention during 2012. In no particular order, and as with the other best of 2012 list it only includes stuff I've purchased and have had the time to listen to properly. Looking at these five titles I realize that I own four of them in physical form, compared to the Top 20 list where I've bought the absolute majority only on digital. There's of course a logic to this, in that reissues quite often include a lot more interesting liner noter than more contemporary releases ...
 anyway here goes, five unmissable reissues of 2012:

Laurie Spiegel – The Expanding Universe

Amazing reissue of computer music classic from the early eighties with a full albums worth of extra material from the same sessions as the original. Incredibly fresh sounding compositions that put most of the current neo-kosmishe/pastoral electronic scene to shame.

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F.C. Judd – Electronics Without Tears

Compilation of tracks by less aknowledged pioneer of british early electronics. Way up there with Oram and the rest of the Radiophonic bunch.

Daphne Oram – The Oram Tapes Vol. 1

A more comprehensive collection than the Oramics collection and a huge step in the right direction in order to make Orams legacy available to the public. The exhibition at the Science Museum in London along with this made 2012 a very good Oram year.

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Lego Feet – Skam001

Reissue of the very first Autechre album with double playing time compared to the original. Strictly speaking released on cd in 2011, but the vinyl version came out this summer.

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Suzanne Ciani – Lixivation

Great compilation of Ciani’s early output. Not a dull moment in it’s arguably quite short running time. One of those albums you wish would be longer, because a listen always leaves you wishing for more. Thankfully there's also the great reissue of Seven Waves that was released this autumn.

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