25 February 2013

Hacker Farm

It's been a while since I posted anything, so I've a bit of catching up to do. One of the acts I have been getting in to and been enjoying immensely during the start of this year is rural industrial sound explorers Hacker Farms two albums "Poundland" and "UHF". Hacker Farm and some affiliated acts (IX-Tab and Kemper Norton) got a well deserved write up in The Wire Magazine this fall. I had been meaning to check out their stuff since then but it wasn't until the DL version of "UHF" turned up on Boomkat that I took the plunge. Well, what can I say, after that it wasn't long before I had ordered the CDr of "Poundland" from Norman Records as well.

Both albums are wonderful examples of everything I wish for in industrial/electronic music. When I first heard "UHF" it was like listening to an album I had hoped to hear for so long. What I particularly like about Hacker Farm is the inherent playfulness in their approach to the genre. Whereas way to many industrial/experimental tale themselves way too seriously. With Hacker Farm there's a true sense of exploration and, dare I say it, fun. By this I don't mean to imply that their work shouldn't be taken seriously, it most definitely should. Well, I feel a bit out of practice here so let's conclude by saying that these two albums are an absolute must if you have the slightest interest in TG, early Cabs or anything of that ilk. Totally contemporary and utterly arcane at the same time.

A year ago I had just started a three month tenure at a children's book publisher in Chichester, and it was with some annoyance that I noted the Hacker Farm/IX-Tab/Kemper Norton-event at the Outer Church a couple of weeks ago. Had it taken place a year ago it would have been easy for me to attend ...

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