11 September 2013

Maurizio Bianchi on bandcamp

Part of the allure of the slightly eccentric italian noise pioneer known as Maurizio Bianchi or simply M.B is the difficulty in getting hold of his work. Both because his back catalogue, at least the privately released tape part of it, is a bit hard to survey, and the lack of authorized downloads and more commonly available editions on cd, vinyl or cassette. However with the launch of the At War With False Noise bandcamp page recently their 2CD compilation of the Computers S.P.A. and Com.SA tapes is available to stream or buy at a very reasonable price. Both cassettes were partly released on the Vinyl on demand box set Archives in 2006, but are here given a full release in all their glorious 2 hours worth of vintage noise drones. As with many early M.B. releases the tracks seems to be 2 channel recordings panned hard right and left. Some of the early M.B.s stuff is quite contemplative in a dark ambient kind of way, but this one is much more confrontational and well, quite disturbing. If you're after the more murky ambient stuff go hunting for The ACVI tapes box set or the AWWFN 2CD edition of Technology 1&2 on Discogs. But if you're interested in the origins of noise and industrial be sure to check out the stream of Computers S.P.A/Com.SA on bandcamp, and you'll probably find you'll want to order a copy before they run out.

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