15 September 2013

Willow Court Audio

Today I've put up the pre-order for the first release on my tape label Willow Court Audio on bandcamp. It's a cassette edition of my (previously only digital) AB Lundberg album Space Wars Vol. 1 and contains 2 bonus tracks. I plan to make a few other choice albums (both old and new ones) from my output available in physical form on this label in the near future. It's a really small scale affair, and the editions will be limited. I have decided not to go for numbered editions at this stage, but suffice to say that the editions will likely be in the range between 25 and 75 copies. The tapes are all dubbed in real time straight from the masters in Logic.

The tape edition of Space Wars Vol. 1 comes on a yellow C40 ferric tape housed in a matching (well, almost) yellow library case with an insert printed in black on red 130 gram paper.

The cassette is available to order through my bandcamp page now.

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