11 September 2013


I couldn't resist making a short stop at Kollaps records in Stockholm this last Saturday on the international Cassette Store Day. I didn't pick up any of the CSD specific releases but went away with two tapes nonetheless. One of them was the tape version of the self titled album by Sommet, that I had been contemplating getting for a while. This concept album focused on Mount Everest consists of seven thematically named instrumental tracks of quite accessible synthesizer music. There's obvious links to the nostalgia soaked tunes of the Ghost Box camp and various incarnations of early eighties library music. It's sometimes quite simplistic in nature, but Sommet manages to make it work beautifully. After a few days listening to this I'm very impressed. The tape edition (of only 50 copies) seems to be sold out at source (though if you're in Stockholm, Kollaps seem to have one copy left) but there is a vinyl edition and a cd edition available from Desire Records. So if you're into Ghost Box, Steve Moore or the more melodic side of kosmische be sure to check this one out.

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