1 October 2013

Donato Dozzy plays Bee Mask

I've never been one for remix albums, but this is one that has me intrigued. As in many modern "remix" situations Donato Dozzy has quite freely interpreted the original by Bee Mask. Vaporware was released on vinyl last year and one of that years highs in modern kosmische. When Dozzy was asked to do a remix of the track he got so inspired he didn't just make one remix but seven, and all of those remixes are what makes up this album on Spectrum Spools. What I particularly like about the album, apart from the fact that I get further takes on a track I love, is that this actually works as an album in it's own right. Dozzy manages to create a epicly flowing album that's part inovative dronish electronica and part lush neo-kosmische in an almost neo-classical way, almost Steve Reich-ish. Anyway, enough with silly name dropping, just listen to it.

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