2 October 2013

Cray "Delta Wahn"

The Australian tape label Rocket Machine is a new acquaintance for me. I only discovered it through a tweet from Brad Rose about their release of Ossining's "Company Men". Having ordered their latest batch of 4 tapes, of which all are good. 2 of the tapes were real standout to me however. I already had the download version of the Ossining tape, so was prepared for that to be great, but what really blew me away was the "Delta Wahn" tape from Cray.

Now, I must admit I know next to nothing about the artist, but sometimes that's a good thing. Free from context you have a tendency to listen without prejudice and preconceptions. And I'm really moved by this tape. Musically it could be described as somewhere between early nineties Warp electronica meets Conrad Schnitlzer in a high fidelity future. The tracks are quite varied and just as you've thought you've got it figured, something turns up to confuse you and amaze you yet again.

The tape edition of 38 copies or so, quickly sold out, but it's still available to get as download. Don't miss out.

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