1 November 2012

Andy Stott

After last year's duo of EP's Andy Stott is back with the full length album "Luxury Problems" on Modern Love. This time he uses a female guest vocalist on the majority of the tracks, something that adds a new dimension to the dubbed out, broken house beats he churns out. Sometimes the result reminds me a little of Portishead or even more so Massive Attack, and not in any bad way. It's a very coherent album with with a very high standard, and should be listened to as such. The only track I find myself skipping on occasions is the opener. Don't know why, but to me it seems less interesting than the rest of the album. The finishing "Leaving" is probably the most accessible track, and probably also my favorite of the bunch. Nevertheless it's a great album, and if you haven't checked out Stott before, now is surely the time.

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