12 November 2012

Suzanne Ciani - Seven Waves

The re-issue of Suzanne Ciani's debut album proper "Seven Waves" is out today on digital. It has been available for a while on iTunes in it's original 1982 glory, but this is the 30th anniversary edition released by Finders Keepers on vinyl. The cd version is coming any day now and as on the cd, the digital includes Ciani's entire 1970 private press album "Voices of Packaged Souls" (released as vinyl reissue earlier this year) as a bonus feature.

The combination of those two albums make for a pretty strange pairing. It could be seen as the framework of the tracks released on the "Lixivation" compilation this spring. The no compromise electronic experimentation on "Packaged Souls" and the new age scented arpeggios of "Seven Waves" seems a world apart, or indeed a "Lixivation" apart. Both are interesting additions to the picture of Ciani, but not quite as eye opening and stunning as the compilation. But if you want more of her work after "Lixivation" this is the most comprehensive set to go for. "Voices of Packaged Souls" is pure synthesizer experimentation while "Seven Waves" in it's new age glory somehow reminds me of the the Human League about the same time. There's just something about those shimmering, moving pads.

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