2 November 2012

Elektron's new product

Swedish electronic music machine makers Elektron today released a new teaser for their upcoming product in the form of a video showing a record player with a flexi disc playing sounds from the product.

The message is clear: There is something RETRO about the product. In this business retro most often means analog, and judging from the sounds displayed here much points to that it's some type of new analog synth box they have been cooking up. It's nice with a little bit of teasing, but honestly, why don't just come right out and tell us what it is? Would that really seriously damage the impact this product will have on the market and the sale hype they're gonna achieve. Especially after the ridiculously hyped release of the Octatrack, which then took a very long time to turn up in stores and then even longer before it really was a stable product. If it's a cool and useful product they have, I'm sure everybody will love it, if not, no ad fueled hype in hell is gonna make it any better.

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