3 November 2012


I have been reading a lot of good about Cloudface's tape "Wyre Drive", but for some reason it has taken until now for me to buy the download. Anyway it seemed to fit the weather today, so I bought it from Boomkat, shoved it into my iPod Classic and went for a walk along the seafront outside of Stockholm.

Cloudface has made a short album of what could be described as slowed down acid techno with a murky analog tape sound, if that makes any sense. There are tracks that leans towards ambient as well, and some that are not as slowed down, but the general feel is somewhat dazed. It kind of reminds me of what Dungeon Acid did on his Bliss tape earlier this year, but this is a more varied output with shorter tracks. "Wyre Drive" has that murky sound and overdriven drum machine sound in common with Dungeon Acid. There's almost an industrial feel to it. On occasion I'm also reminded of early 90's Warp. Yet, somehow Cloudface manages to add a certain something to the tracks that make them feel unique. The hard edge is sometimes balanced by minimal but catchy melodies that turn up here and there. A very promising debut (and a great mini-album in it's own right), and I look forward to hearing more from this project.

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