3 November 2012

New old EP by Kradak

Last summer I spent some time at the house were I grew up in the south of Sweden, shortly before my parents sold it. During those weeks I recorded a couple of tracks late at night using Reason, the DSI Mopho and the Korg Monotron. Four of those tracks formed a kind of EP and had a common dubbed out feel to them. I wasn't quite sure in which of my projects they fitted in, and then I forgot all about them.

When I rediscovered them recently I thought they stood up quite well as a self contained mini-album, and I thought I could hear the kind of brooding feeling that leaving that house for the last time left me with. I felt I could hear traces of what that place meant to me in the music. It's really quite a private sense, but I feel they stand up well enough as a work. It's not in any way the work I'm most satisfied with or most proud of, but I thought the tracks deserved some kind of release and felt they fitted in with my current Kradak project, even if they're much less industrial than that project was supposed to be. The "Dubbed Monologues" is available as a free download on Bandcamp. And yes, that's a picture the back garden of the house on the cover.

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