19 October 2012


This week Nick Edwards (aka Ekoplekz) and Ian Hicks (aka Mordant Music/Baron Mordant) released their first collaborative effort. The album "Izod Days" under the name eMMplekz was released on white vinyl and as download and contains 14 tracks of wonderfully murky industrial pop. Edwards has provided the music and Hicks contributes vocals and additional effects.

For anybody familiar with the previous output of the two the result isn't altogether unexpected, but pretty damn good nonetheless. The musical references is (as often with Ekoplekz) early industrial, especially Cabaret Voltaire, ca "The Voice of America". "Izod Days" at least shares the general mood with that record, even if there's no found tape voices here, but Hicks voice is sometimes treated as such. Some tracks also remind me of early Portion Control (not surprising considering Hicks history with that band)  and could almost be something left off from their "Progress Report" box set. The quirky pop presented here also brings to mind Conrad Schnitzlers early 80's output.

A particular highlight is "Bocanet". An exquisite piece of murky industrial pop, that manages to be both catchy and uplifting, without ever losing the albums general sense of bleakness and dread. "Izod Days" is very interesting and impressing album and a welcome return of Hicks voice. (That also makes me long for a new full length Mordant Music album proper.)

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