22 October 2012

James Bond's screen debut

Well, the Bond fever seems to be on anticipating the Skyfall premiere this week. There's been a lot of specials in magazines and newspapers, cataloguing 007's many guises over the years. Not a few of them tend to ignore the very first screen appearance of the agent, though. In 1954 Barry Nelson starred as Bond in an american television production of Casino Royale. Quite a bit different than both the book and the later movie, this piece of 50's tv drama does introduce one feature of the franchise: the villain, here played by one of the greatest villain interpreters of all time, Peter Lorre. If you can see past the fact that they've made Bond american and calls him Jimmy, it's not a bad piece considering it was aired live, like most tv drama of it's day. Here's a snippet that can be found on Youtube:

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