4 October 2012

Tod Dockstader

Mordant Music recently released a collection of Tod Dockstader's commercial music electronic library music from the late 70's. Whenever I see Dockstader's name on the credits of one of my son's Tom & Jerry movies it brings a smile to my face. He even wrote the script for 1962's "Mouse Into Space":

I haven't quite figured out the connection between Dockstader's Quatermass piece and the dear professor of rocket science of the tv and film series though. Anybody know more about this? Well, anyway don't miss out on the new Mordant Music collection:

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AshDev said...

The only link between Dockstader's Quatermass and the British TV/Series & Hammer movies is the fact that Dockstader saw the name Quatermass on the spine of a book in a shop and liked the sound of the word. He had never seen any of the movies. However, they go really well with the Quatermass films. Particularly Q&TP and the TV series in the eighties. They also work well with the first Alien movie