21 October 2012

Pye Corner Audio

Martin Jenkins' Pye Corner Audio is the latest artist to join the ever fascinating Ghost Box label. I first became aware of PCA after his collaboration with The Advisory Circle in the Ghost Box study series about a year ago, and I must say Jenkins manages to bring something new to the GB brand while still producing music that fits right in with their esthetics.

"Sleep Games", although PCA's debut on Ghost Box, should probably be considered his fourth album, after The Black Mill Tapes vol. 1-3, that Jenkins released as downloads on bandcamp and in various cassette issues. Vol. 1-2 was also released on vinyl earlier this year by Type.

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The music of PCA contains the same blend of nostalgic retro-futurism that Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle has made a name from. But PCA brings something else to the genre. Sonically it is a bit more murky sounding, like it really was recorded in some undefined past of a better future. Sometimes I'm almost reminded of the underwater quality of some of Wolfgang Voighs GAS output, especially when it comes to the bass drum. Musically there's a strain of techno and dance music that isn't as apparent with the other Ghost Box artists. Quite often PCA also feels a bit bleaker than the stable mates. All in all it makes for a fresh approach to a sound I've been heavily infatuated with for the last couple of years. If you have the least bit of interest in this type of music, be sure to check out "Sleep Games". And while you're at it stop by Jenkins bandcamp page and pick up volume 3 of the Black Mill Tapes as well.

And after you've given those two a couple of listens and still feel you need more, there's also this one:

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