8 October 2012

Mushroom Chapter

A couple of years ago after having given up on my old electropop/futurepop project Radical Tea Party (a name chosen way before the rise of the movement, and really just referring to the band members as a bunch of lazy sods who liked to drink tea and talk about the problems of the world, without ever really doing anything about it) I felt I needed a more melodic output for my music making, that had by then started to delve in to the less song oriented structures I mostly aim for today.

Anyway, born was Mushroom Chapter. The influences were obviously leaning towards the kind of industrial electronics produced by Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and others of the same ilk, music that had managed to keep me interested since I first came in to contact with it in the late eighties. Inspiration struck and I quickly recorded seven tracks. Then I kind of forgot about it until a year later, when I recorded two more tracks and found myself with an albums worth of material. Why it took me until now to publish it on bandcamp I don't really know. But now "Brethren of the Fungi" is available to stream for free or download for pay what you want (including free):

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